David has been part of Epiphany since 2016, and was called as pastor of Epiphany on June 23, 2019. He studied theology at the Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven in Belgium and Fordham University. David is also a practicing attorney in Washington, DC, working in the field of international trade.

Jill Millett
Director of Music

Jill and her husband Richard have been members of Epiphany Lutheran Church for over 27 years. They have one son. Jill serves as the church music director and assists with our hand bell choir. She holds a bachelor and masters degree in education and works at EWS as a literacy teacher for the preschool classes.

Nan Markman
Director, Epiphany Weekday School

 Nan and her husband Stephen have lived in the Mount Vernon area over three decades. They have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Nan has been a member of Epiphany for more than 30 years. Nan has served EWS for 20 years as a teacher and in recent years the Preschool Director.


Jim Thiel, President
Richard Millett, Vice President
Jacque Knight, Secretary
Mary Galoci, Treasurer
Ed Bauer
Angeline Lim
Nan Markman
Jill Millett
Betty Puschek